Dealey PTA


SBDM Subcommittees

You do not need to be a member of the SBDM to serve on most subcommittees. If you have questions regarding a subcommittee's current scope, please contact the Subcommittee Chair using the links below. 

Evaluation and Modification Committee, Chair: Dimple Sureka
This required committee monitors the operations, activities, and implementation of the comprehensive school plan. Members of this committee collectively provide oversight for the subcommittees below:

Campus Needs Assessment (CNA) and Campus Improvement Plan (CIP), Chair: Dimple Sureka
The CNA is an annual assessment that evaluates the strengths and areas for growth throughout the school. The CIP is developed by the campus administrative team from the CNA to help strengthen and improve identified areas of growth. This subcommittee will ensure continual progress towards meeting the needs outlined in the CIP. 

2018-2019 CNA/CIP

Parent Survey, Chair: Dimple Sureka
This subcommittee will create and administer a parent survey to gain parent perspectives on strengths and areas of improvement at Dealey.

Kindle Implementation, Chair: Bryan Macktinger
This subcommittee will assist in researching how other schools throughout the country utilize the Kindle to promote learning. Its members will work to ensure our teachers are comfortable with and effectively using the Kindle in the classroom.

Middle School Recruitment, Chair: Gabriela Herrera
This subcommittee will create and implement a plan to recruit qualified applicants for middle school. 

Coordinated School Health Committee, Chair: Katherine Crooms
This required committee creates an integrated, systematic set of planned, sequential, school-affiliated strategies, activities and services designed to advance student academic performance and promote their optimal physical, emotional, social and educational development. Members of this committee collectively provide oversight for the subcommittees below:

OutTeach (formerly Real School Gardens), Chair: Dimple Sureka
This subcommittee will work to align the garden experience with the academic curricula by supporting the implementation of the OutTeach guidelines. This committee is continually seeking volunteers with landscape design, lawn and garden, ecology and/or carpentry expertise. 

Social Emotional Learning and Family/School Partnership, Chair: Annmarie Perez
This subcommittee will research and implement ways to support students' social-emotional needs, and strengthen the school/family partnership to ensure our campus provides a safe and productive learning environment. Current emphases are on bullying, social media, mindfulness, and improving the climate of student to student relationships in the 4-6 hallway.


School Safety, Chair: James Greene
This subcommittee will work to improve safety measures throughout the school. Top priorities include: a safer dismissal procedure, carpool procedures and effective communication of and adherence to implemented procedures.