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Dealey Extracurriculars

Dealey Extracurriculars

Dealey Enrichment Scholarships : 2019-2020 Dealey Enrichment Scholarship Flyer

To provide all students with the opportunity to experience all that Dealey has to offer, the PTA sponsors Dealey Enrichment Scholarships. If your child has a desire to participate in one of Dealey's sports, clubs, or other activities, but they are unable to, due to financial circumstances, they may qualify for assistance from the PTA.

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of need, academic standing and being a good citizen within the Dealey school community. All applications are screened by Ms. Winners. If you are interested in applying, please complete a form, found near the PTA mailbox in the hall, and submit to Ms. Winners.

If a student qualifies for a scholarship, the PTA will coordinate paying the activity directly. The Dealey PTA cannot reimburse families for activities already paid for.