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Volunteering at Dealey

 Si quisiera ser voluntario y habla requiere ayuda en español por favor comuniquese con dealeyptaspanish@gmail.com.

Dealey is committed to ensuring all families have the opportunity to volunteer. Volunteer at home, at school, or in the community. Whatever your schedule, interests, or skills, we have a job for YOU!

Volunteer Opportunities

Below are some of the volunteer opportunities available at Dealey. Feel free to contact the Volunteer Committee (allynewman@gmail.com) or the Committee Contact with any questions regarding time commitment, responsibilities or current opportunities.

In the interest of children’s safety and well-being, state law and district policy require that all Dallas ISD volunteers complete the district’s volunteer application which includes a Criminal Record Check and 10 minute online orientation/e-signature. Applications must be renewed each school year.

To get started volunteering, follow these steps:

1.     Complete/renew your district-required application/background check via VOLY (DISD’s volunteer management site).

Click here for detailed instructions on creating/renewing your volunteer profile.

2.     Log into your VOLY account to view current volunteer opportunities and to sign up for those that interest you. (See instructions for locating Dealey-specific opportunities: VOLY Log Hours Handout)

3.     Regularly record your volunteer hours in VOLY.  (See instructions for logging volunteer hours: VOLY Log Hours Handout.)


Recruit volunteers, advertise volunteer needs and administer VOLY (DISD’s volunteer management system).

Ally Newman: allynewman@gmail.com

Emily Kaczmarczyk: Emily.kaz319@gmail.com


Assist with coordinating school-wide educational programs for families.

Jennifer Trousdale: jennifertrousdale@gmail.com


Movie Night:

Assist with set up/clean up and AV equipment during Dealey family movie nights (4 Fridays/school year).

April Ogboenyiya: appy_one@hotmail.com



Organize social events (i.e. Mom’s Night Out, Coffee with the Principle) throughout the year to build connections and community at Dealey.

Ashli McLeod: ashlimcleod@gmail.com


New Families:

Welcome new families through organizing social opportunities (annual picnic, summer play dates etc.) and by compiling and providing new family informational resources.

Bridgett Neely: bridgettneely@yahoo.com


Room Parents:

Assist teachers with distributing PTA communications/information to the class and assist with classroom projects, activities and celebrations as needed.

Emily Feuille: emilyfeuille@gmail.com


Dad’s Club:

Make connections with other Dealey Dad’s by attending social events, supporting the school’s volunteer needs and school improvement projects.

Matt Vinnola: dealeydads@gmail.com


Birthday Board:

Design and create a bulletin board to creatively showcase students’ and faculty birthdays every month.

Crystal Rodzoch: fabrecl@hotmail.com

Mary An Shirk: maryan@maryanshirk.com

Secret Pals:

Help a teacher or staff member feel special by bringing them anonymous small gifts and treats throughout the year.

Karla Barron: karla_b_barron@sbcglobal.net


Dragon Wishes:

Help manage and maintain the Dragon Wish board (a place for teachers to list classroom material needs) throughout the school year.

Megan Cernoch: mgoodkid@gmail.com


Nature Exchange:

Encourage your child’s natural curiosity about nature! Greet students in the library nature exchange area. Help them learn about items they bring in and exchange for points with items already in stock.

Randy Russell: randy_russell@prodigy.net


Healthy Lifestyles:

Develop healthy initiatives to improve learning & wellness in the Dealey community. Participation may include:
– Healthy messages (morning announcements, boards, flyers, etc.)
– Develop partnerships and grants
– Promote a healthy, safe school environment (gardening activities, recycling etc.)
– Coordinate initiatives with other programs (carnival, health fairs, room parents, etc.)

Nora Gimpel: noralex@mac.com



Help maintain the garden in your child’s classroom and/or school grounds beautification projects.

Maria Coello: mcoello@cnrgllc.com

Ed Adams: edeadams@tx.rr.com


National PTA program that recognizes students in visual art, literature, dance choreography, photography, film production and music composition. 2017-2018 theme is “Within Reach” Volunteer opportunities include helping creatively communicate to parents & students about Reflections, entry deadlines, submission details, etc. Judging night help, data entry, end of year ceremony help. See additional information here.

Alishia Salmon: alishiasalmon@yahoo.com

Help show our teachers how much we appreciate them by setting up and serving at luncheons and other teacher events.

Sara Popek: sarabpopek@hotmail.com

Andrea Berman: andreaoberman@gmail.com

Field Day:

Field Day is a fun-filled outdoor event that takes place during the spring. Help with pre-event organization, set-up, break down, and supervise individual activities the day of the event.

Elisa Cantu‐Garcia: ecantu-garcia@parishepiscopal.org

Support extracurricular activities that engage creative thinking, expanded horizons, and inspired learning such as Chess Club, Computer Programming Club, Drama/Junior Players and Destination Imagination.

Gaby Herrera: deargaby@gmail.com



Help our Dealey families stay “in-the-know” through correspondence assistance with our various means of communication, including website, eblast, Facebook, marquee, calendar, Spanish communications.

Rebecca Currie: dealeynews@gmail.com


Dragon Wagon:

Help sell all things branded Dealey. Attend Dealey events and assist with sizing and processing sale. Maintain Dealey swag inventory.

Jeanne Barter: jeanne.barter@yahoo.com



Assist our annual spring fundraiser by volunteering for: item solicitation, online auction, sponsorship/underwriting, setup, guest check-in/check-out, photographer, decorator, and general support.

Eryn Davila: eryndavila@yahoo.com



Assist our annual fall fundraiser with set-up, tear down, manage games and rides, community fundraising, distribute wrist-bands, food service and more.

Cori Steinmann: csteinmann@bcklaw.com

Tyler Wright: stylerwright@yahoo.com



PTA fundraising efforts support educational and enrichment activities in the classroom and beyond. You can help from home, from school, or out in the community. Opportunities include:
Box Tops: Help promote and organize the Box Tops fundraising efforts; help organize, calculate, and submit the box tops; help collect coupons. Can work from home or school.
– General Fundraising support: Help organize school fundraisers in the community.
– Grant writing.

Danielle O’Neill: danioneill78@gmail.com


PTA Membership/Directory:

A thriving and active PTA membership is the key to a successful school! Recruit families to join the PTA and stay engaged in school events/programs throughout the year to support students, faculty & administration.

Shivaree Fernando: shivareef@gmail.com

Sarah Volbrecht: srussell98@yahoo.com


Middle School:

Support Dealey’s Middle School by assisting with fundraising, organizing and chaperoning social events, student transition and dances.

Kim Noonan: jknoonan@live.com




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