Dear Parents,

Gardening provides another means to incorporate Montessori learning while allowing our children to connect with nature.

We are fortunate to have 3 garden spaces:
– Pre-K/K gardens located near the pre-K/K playground.
– 1-3 gardens located between the 1-3 and 4-6 wing.
– 4-6 gardens located between 4-6 wing and the middle school hallway.

Most children love to dig in the dirt to see what they can unearth and we want to cultivate that curiosity. For this reason, we ask for parent volunteers from each elementary class to work with the teachers to help make the garden experience enjoyable and educational for all. This year we would like to make the garden experience a little more streamlined so that all students can benefit from the gardens. We have begun with creating a syllabus for the 1-3 classrooms. The goal of the syllabus is to offer guidance to parent volunteers and tie the lessons learned outside the classroom with what is being taught inside the classroom. If you are interested in being a parent volunteer for any of the elementary classrooms please contact the Enviromental Committee.

We often have needs to help maintain our garden. If you are skilled in lawncare, gardening, wood working, metal working, interested in helping create the syllabus or just enjoy being outside, please contact us!

We look forward to seeing you in the garden!
The Dealey Environmental Committee.



How to use the syllabus and plant instructions

Weather log

Dealey 1-3 Block 1 Syllabus

Dealey 1-3 Block 2 Syllabus

Dealey 1-3 Block 3 Syllabus

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